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Autism Resources and Community (ARC)

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Inclusive Education

Autism Treatment Options

It Takes a Team: 4 Steps to Building a Stronger Therapy Team

For students on the Autism spectrum, having a strong and reliable therapy team to support individual needs can be an important factor in student success. When members of a therapy team are collaborating seamlessly, a student is more likely to have high quality support across all areas of development (communication, social, cognitive, play, motor, and adaptive skills).

Updated on 3/17/17 11:04 PM

Updated by Rosemarie Griffin CCC/SLP BCBA COBA on 3/17/17 11:04 PM

Autism Treatment Options

Using Sensory Tools to Help Kids Focus and Concentrate

Using sensory tools in your practice can provide a more focused, content and alert individual. Whether you are a specialist using ABA, speech and language techniques, occupational therapy interventions or teaching lessons, keeping the sensory needs of your children in mind while using your specific therapy or teaching approach can make the difference between a calm, organized individual and one who is overwhelmed and over stimulated. What often is referred to as a sensory diet, can be implemented by simply keeping a few sensory strategies and tools at your fingertips. Lets take a look at a few elements that can help you apply sensory intervention while working with children with autism, ADHD, special needs or sensory integration dysfunction.

Updated on 8/30/15 6:28 PM

Updated by Ilana Danneman on 8/30/15 6:28 PM

Autism Treatment Options

A Closer Look: Pivotal Response Training (PRT)


Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is a variation of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) type therapy. It focuses on more comprehensive “pivotal” areas such as increasing a child’s motivation to learn, initiate communication, and monitor their own behaviors. This focus on motivation is crucial: a child who is motivated to change their behavior will experience more success. By focusing on critical over-arching areas, the effects of treatment can carry over into many aspects of a child’s behavior and skills including social, communicative, and academic.

Updated on 7/30/15 2:21 PM

Updated by Leslie Stebbins, M.Ed. M.L.I.S. on 7/30/15 2:21 PM

Autism Treatment Options

A Closer Look: Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)


EIBI is a type of Applied Behavioral Analysis focused on children under five years of age. New research has shown that while intensive behavioral interventions work well with all children, children starting before the age of two were likely to make the most significant gains. For EIBI to be successful children are provided with 20 to 40 hours of one-on-one therapy and families are also incorporated into the process so that young children get as much exposure as possible.

Updated on 7/30/15 10:41 AM

Updated by Leslie Stebbins, M.Ed. M.L.I.S. on 7/30/15 10:41 AM

Autism Treatment Options

Effective Treatment for Autism: It’s Never Too Early to Start


There are many promising treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Decades of research and a recent synthesis of 6 major research reviews indicate that the therapies listed below are all based on solid research.

Updated on 7/29/15 6:01 PM

Updated by Leslie Stebbins, M.Ed. M.L.I.S. on 7/29/15 6:01 PM

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