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Autism Resources and Community (ARC)

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      Winner of the Feedspot Top 50 Blogs on Autism Award

      Action Behavior Center's Top 25 Autism blogs of 2020

      Study.com Top Homeschool Blogs for Special Needs Resources

      Applied Behavior Analysis Programs Guide 30 Best Autism Blogs 2019

      Teaching Children with Autism to Follow Simple Directions

      Follow Your Passion: 5 Steps to Finding the Best Career Match for a Young Adult with Autism

      A New Curriculum for All Children with Autism

      Amplifying Neurodiverse Voices With the Giant Autism Billboard

      Coronavirus: Keeping a Routine Schedule at Home

      Free Resources for Families of Children With Autism and Other Special Needs During the Coronavirus

      Benefits and Strategies for Teaching Art to Children with Autism: Help for Art Challenged Adults Why Art?

      Cabin Fever? 5 Effective Activities for Students with Autism During Social Isolation or Quarantine

      Language Builder ARIS Free Emergency Resources: Overview

      Tips for Implementing Language Builder ARIS Emergency at-Home Lessons

      A New Curriculum for Autism: ARIS

      The Autism Home School Solution: Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS) A Comprehensive Curriculum for Children with Autism

      Do-It-Yourself Materials for ABA-based Lessons

      Coronavirus and Children with Autism: How to Protect Your Child

      Teaching Healthy Eating Choices to Children with Autism

      Strategies for Homeschooling Children with Autism: You Can do This!

      8 Ways to Promote Socialization Skills in Students with Autism

      Classroom Routines: Preparing Your Child with Autism

      Strengths-based Approaches to Autism for Teachers, SLPs, and Parents

      Recommended Children’s Books About Autism

      Whole Child Learning & Autism: How ARIS Supports Social Emotional Learning

      Four Ways to Make Your Backyard More Autism Friendly

      11 Strategies to Help Your Child with Autism Develop Fine Motor Skills

      Starting a Childcare Center for Children With Autism or other Special Needs

      Acupuncture and Autism

      The “Why” and the “What” Behind Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS)

      Autism and Anxiety: 10 Strategies to Help Your Child

      Reconocer los Signos y Sintomas del Autismo

      How to Prepare for an IEP Meeting – For Teachers of Students with Autism

      12 Popular Games Adapted for Children with Autism

      Strategies for Promoting Sensory Integration in Writing

      Creating a Yoga Practice for Children With Autism

      Top Safety Risks for Children with Autism and How to Communicate with First Responders

      The Most Popular Action and Movement Songs for Children with Autism

      World Autism Awareness Day 2019: A Look Back and a Look Forward

      Autism and Inclusive Sports

      Autism and Dental Care

      Top Work Places Supporting Adults with Autism

      Young Adulthood on the Spectrum: An Interview with a Friend

      Choosing iPad Apps for Children with Autism

      Inclusion Toolkit: Top Ten Products to Accommodate Students with Autism in the Classroom

      Does My Student Have Autism? A Guide for Teachers

      Positive Pedagogy: How to Bring Positive Psychology into Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms for Students with Autism

      Parent Strategies for Helping Children with Autism Cope with Transitions and Changing Routines

      Parent Strategies to Help Children with Autism Cope with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

      5 Positive Play Therapies to Help Your Child with Autism

      Lesson Plan: ImPRINTING Food Vocabulary to Learn Language Skills

      This April - Celebrate Autism Awareness Month with Stages Learning Materials!

      How to Bring Positive Psychology into Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms for Students with Autism

      How to Prepare For Your IEP Meeting - For Parents of Children with Autism

      Lesson Plan: Using Identical Matching to Teach Beginning Language Skills to Children with Autism

      Storytelling and Recall with Animals Lesson Plan

      Mastering Matching 3D - 2D Lesson Plan

      Spelling/Reading Food Names Lesson Plan

      Five Principles of Positive Psychology to Transform Your Parenting with Your Child with Autism

      Music Therapy for Children with Autism

      My Favorite Things Lesson Plan

      Five Research-Based Strengths Associated with Autism

      Where Do You Move? Lesson Plan

      Let's Move With Verbs Lesson Plan

      How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Child with Autism

      Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids with Autism

      Ten Holiday Gifts for Children with Autism

      Ten Tips for Visiting Family When Your Child Has Autism

      Stages Learning Language Builder Cards: The Choice for Autism Researchers

      First Person Autism: Review of Netflix Series Atypical

      Tips and Strategies for Helping Children with Autism Develop New Routines

      A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Siblings Of Children With Autism

      Helping Children with Autism Develop Friendships

      Can Horseback Riding Help Children with Autism?

      10 Tips for Teaching Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

      The Research Effectiveness of the Language Builder® Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS)

      Wandering and Autism: 6 Strategies to Prevent Wandering Behavior

      School Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide for Parents

      Helping Children with Autism to Communicate & Recognize Emotions

      Autism Awareness Month: The History and Today

      Research White Paper: Vocabulary Cards for Early Word Learning

      How to Help Young Children with Autism Avoid Behavior Problems

      It Takes a Team: 4 Steps to Building a Stronger Therapy Team

      How a Child’s Special Interests Can Assist in Learning and Growing

      5 Ways to Help Reduce Anxiety in Children with Autism

      New Program Prepares Teens with Autism to Serve in the Israel Defense Forces

      The Twitter Accounts Every School SLP Must Follow

      Six Simple Mindfulness Practices for Kids with Autism

      7 Tips for Teaching Your Child with Autism to Cook

      Best Sports for Children with Autism

      Autism Magazines and Journals

      Schools Warned On Speech Services For Kids With Autism

      Social Thinking: 6 Strategies for Teaching Children with Autism

      Leveraging Special Interests to Help Children with Autism:  An Autistic Person* Shares Her Experiences

      Link4fun Lesson Plan: Identify, Categorize & Communicate!

      Link4fun Lesson Plan: Early Literacy & Social Skills Development

      Book Review: “Why Johnny Doesn’t Flap”

      Link4fun Lesson Plan: Learning About Verbs

      Link4fun Lesson Plan: Learning About Textures

      Interviews from the Field: Kristy Johnson

      为在中国传播自闭症的信息助力 (Help Spread the Word About Autism in China)

      How to Foster Social Skills Development at School: A Guide for Teachers and School Counselors

      辨别自闭症的迹象和症状 (Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Autism)

      教自闭症儿童进行情感表达 (Teaching Kids with Autism about Emotions)

      In the News: Autism Research

      Autism and the Holidays: Advice from the Front Lines

      Interviews from the Field: Sarah Scruton

      Practicing Math and Engineering Skills with Blocks

      Hide and Seek with Blocks Lesson Plan

      Interviews from the Field: Timothy Jepson

      Interactive Bridging Books for Early Literacy: Research White Paper

      Interviews from the Field: Stephanie Hicks

      Work Environments, Adjustments for Employees with Autism

      Practicing Number Skills with Blocks Lesson Plan

      Parents Guide to Bullying for Children with Autism

      A New Education: Teaching Coding to Students with Autism

      How To Make Life Easier for a Person Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

      Let's Build: How Playing With Blocks Benefits Children

      Improv Storytelling with Blocks Lesson Plan

      11 Classroom Management Strategies for Children with Special Needs

      Autism Explained

      Author Catlaina Vrana On Her New Book “Ella Autie”

      Book Review: The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

      Strategies for Responding to Rude Comments About Your Child’s Behavior

      Cool Down Spaces: Best Practices for Managing Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom or the Home

      Janet Sauer: Parent, Professional and Educator

      Creating Spaces that Work for Children with Autism

      Stages Learning Serves as Incubator for New Harvard Graduate Student Interns

      A Special Thank You to a Special Teacher

      Stages Learning Top Resources for Autism

      Interviews from the Field: Casey Bryn McCarthy

      Building Vocabulary with U-Play Mat Lesson Plan

      Strong Start: Back to School Tips

      6 Strategies to Prepare Your Child for Back to School, Haircuts, Hospital Visits, And More!

      The Positive Side of Autism

      Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Autism

      “What Happens Next?”: Strategies for Teaching Your Child Sequencing Skills

      Sequencing Cards Lesson Plan

      Top Blogs by People with Autism

      Transition: A Guide to College Readiness and Applications for Students with Autism

      Building Language: What Does the Research Say?

      Career Choices for People with Autism: First Hand Advice

      Bingo Generator Lesson Plan

      The Talk: Speaking with Your Child About Autism

      My Thoughts on School Experiences and Being on the Autism Spectrum

      Raising Money for Autism? Find Out Where Your Dollars Go

      Feelings Box Lesson Plan

      Spreading the Word in Pakistan: Global Autism Awareness Project

      Syrian Refugees with Autism Are Given a Second Chance

      Autism Goes to Hollywood: Our Favorite Documentaries, Movies and TV Shows Depicting Characters with Autism

      Las Primeras Habilidades de Lenguaje y Creciendo Vocabulario

      Antecedentes Sobre La Enseñanza del Lenguaje del Autismo con Imágenes

      5 Ways We Can Make the World More Autism Friendly

      Animal Cards Dance Party

      Help Spread the Word about Autism in China

      What Just Happened?

      Autism and Art Therapy: Four Beneficial Treatment Options

      Occupation Card Perspective-Taking

      The Therapeutic Power of Pets for Children with Autism

      Emotion Card Holiday Stories

      Grandparent's Guide to Shopping for a Grandchild who has Autism

      How to Enjoy the Holidays with a Loved One Who Has Autism

      New Tools to Help Your Child Sleep

      Building Basic Letter Knowledge with U-Play Mat

      Using the Free Language Builder App and Language Builder Cards Together

      Autism Parents: How Do You Rate on Self-Care?

      Using Sensory Tools to Help Kids Focus and Concentrate

      Receptive Labeling Lesson Plan

      A Closer Look: Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

      A Closer Look: Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

      Effective Treatment for Autism: It’s Never Too Early to Start

      Expressive Labeling Lesson Plan

      Talking about Puberty with Children with Autism

      Teaching Stranger Safety to Kids with Autism

      Picture ID Lesson Plan

      3 Ways to Build Skills for Transition Now!

      Guess Who Lesson Plan

      Tell Me About Lesson Plan

      Grief and Loss: Helping Children with Autism Cope

      Identical Matching Lesson Plan

      Adjectives Lesson Plan

      Functions Lesson Plan

      Autism is on the Rise

      Language Builder from Stages App Updates!

      "I Need Help" Lesson Plan

      Go Fish with the Language Builder Emotion Cards!

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