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      About Autism

      Current News and Research

      Girls and Autism: The Impact of Gender Bias in Research on Autism

      What we know about ASD is largely based on research on boys with autism: New studies are telling us how different girls with autism are from their male counterparts

      The issue of gender bias is as antiquated as it is familiar to women around the globe. Despite immense political, social, and economic advances in the last century, aspects of female biology continue to be grossly understudied, contributing to a knowledge gap that permeates the scientific community. This gender disparity greatly looms over the study of Autism Spectrum Disorder, contributing to flawed diagnostic practices that are still used today throughout the medical community and beyond.  

      Updated on 8/8/20 8:22 AM

      Updated by Sam Krause on 8/8/20 8:22 AM

      Autism and Language

      Current News and Research

      Five Research-Based Strengths Associated with Autism

      Genius, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Memory, and Visual Skills

      All children, whether or not they are neurotypical, have unique sets of strengths and weaknesses. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often also have some unique challenges to overcome in building routines and relationships that are functional and fulfilling. While much of current research and therapeutic intervention focuses on addressing those challenges, more and more research is showing that people living with ASD may also benefit from unique strengths previously unnoticed by the general population. 

      Updated on 2/13/18 7:00 AM

      Updated by Lauren Panzano on 2/13/18 7:00 AM

      Autism and Language

      Current News and Research

      Stages Learning Language Builder Cards: The Choice for Autism Researchers

      For over a decade, researchers have been relying on tools developed by Stages Learning to evaluate approaches that are most effective for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Wide-ranging research topics span from assistive technologies to socio-emotional learning, and language development. Researchers turn to Stages products because of the company’s commitment to creating quality tools that utilize the latest technologies and evidence-based approaches.

      Updated on 11/5/17 5:07 PM

      Updated by Grace Chen on 11/5/17 5:07 PM

      Current News and Research

      Research White Paper: Vocabulary Cards for Early Word Learning

      Link4Fun Cards are new language-learning tools designed to scaffold preschool language development by synchronizing traditional manipulatives with digital media. Children tap flashcards against the screen of an iPad to display interactive digital content that engages them sensorily and encourages them to continue learning.

      Updated on 3/21/17 9:53 PM

      Updated by Briana Brukilacchio, Ed.M. and Angela Nelson, Ed.M. on 3/21/17 9:53 PM

      Current News and Research

      In the News: Autism Research

      This current news release is provided by Stages Learning. Stages Learning provides award winning learning tools and other resources for children with autism for parents, teachers, and therapists.

      Updated on 12/7/16 2:12 AM

      Updated by Marina Ebert, M.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. candidate on 12/7/16 2:12 AM

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