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    The Twitter Accounts Every School SLP Must Follow

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    Twitter is a valuable tool for professional development (PD) and community building, especially for members of the education community. The platform is a must-have for digitally literate teachers who use their timelines, followers, and hashtags to inform and improve their PD and pedagogy. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are also turning to Twitter to connect and collaborate. Hashtags like #SLpeeps, #SLcrowd, and #SchoolSLP are used to connect school-based SLPs to like-minded professionals across the globe. If you’re a graduate student or looking to learn more about becoming an SLP, there’s a hashtag for you too: #SLP2b.

    But the power of SLPs on Twitter doesn’t stop at hashtags. Following accounts linked to the SLP community is important. We spoke with key members of the communicative sciences and disorders community to find out the “who’s who” of the SLP Twitter community.

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    Whether you’re a current or aspiring speech-language pathologist, here are the top eight accounts you should be sure to follow:

    1. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association | @ASHAweb

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national, professional credentialing association for the over 185,000 members and affiliates of the speech, language, and hearing community. Members of this professional community include speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and students.


    1. Geek SLP Barbara | @GeekSLP

    The GeekSLP Twitter account and blog are run by Barbara Fernandes, an SLP who has published over 50 apps for SLPs in the app store. The goal of her Twitter account is to provide SLPs and teachers with resources related to apps and technology for communicative sciences and disorders.


    1. Home Speech Home | @HomeSpeechHome

    The Home Speech Home blog and Twitter account are home to actionable speech-therapy activities and tech-related information from two certified speech-language pathologists. Their blog and Twitter account include both free and paid resources.


    1. Kristin Cummings | @Simply_Speech

    Kristin Cummings’s blog and Twitter account were inspired by teacher blogs that provide actionable resources for the SLP. Applying that same mindset to SLPs and therapy, Simply Speech is home to product reviews, SLP-related products, and advice for traveling SLPs.


    1. Felice Clark | @DabblingSpeech

    Felice Clark is a school-based SLP and blogger who provides resources, advice, and tools for clients of all ages and developmental levels. From high-tech tools like iPads to homemade low-prep tools, Dabbling Speech has resources for all types of school-based SLPs and their clients.


    1. The Speech Chicks | @TheSpeechChicks

    The Speech Chicks are Christine Jalic and Sanaz Amini, two practicing SLPs on the West Coast. Their tweets include live coverage of events like the ASHA Conference as well as relevant news articles and technology tips and tools.


    1. Jenna Rayburn | @SpeechRoomNews

    Jenna Rayburn is a certified pediatric speech-language pathologist. Her blog and Twitter account Speech Room News aim to provide pediatric and school-based SLPs with curriculum ideas and real-life applications.


    1. SLP Problems | @SLPproblems

    Twitter is a great place for SLPs to get some professional development, but there’s also a need for comic relief. Aiming to bring “funny truths to the world of speech-language pathology,” @SLPproblems is the account that started the always trending #SLPproblems hashtag where SLPs near and far share job woes and funny stories.


    Bonus Follows

    Speech@NYU | @SpeechatNYU

    The official Twitter account for Speech@NYU, the online masters program in speech-language pathology from NYU Steinhardt. The goal of our Twitter account and blog is to provide actionable, how-to resources for current and prospective medical-, research-, and school-based SLPs.


    Stages Learning | @StagesLearning

    The Stages Learning blog and Twitter account provide tech-enabled tools, resources, and support to educators working with students on the Autism spectrum.


    What is your favorite Twitter account to follow? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

    Michelle Manno

    Written by Michelle Manno

    Michelle Manno is an education writer at 2U. She works with schools such as Speech@NYU, the online master's in speech-language pathology from NYU Steinhardt, to create resources that support K-12 students. Say hi on Twitter @michellermanno.