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    Stages Learning Top Resources for Autism

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    Our favorite resources around the web

    Stages Learning has compiled a selective list of high quality resources and support information for parents, teachers, and families. Please contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to suggest a resource for us to consider.


    Advocacy Organizations

    Autism Society of America  

    Since 1965, ASA has been at the forefront of a national movement to develop legislation on developmental disabilities. With over 120,000 members and more than 100 affiliate chapters across the nation, ASA creates a powerful platform for mutual support, networking, and distribution of trustworthy resources for families affected by autism.  The website includes ways to get free access to trained professionals, blog and newsletter content, a list of sensory friendly films, Autism Advocate magazine, as well as information about the Autism Society Annual National Conference and Exposition.


    autism-speaks-logo.pngAutism Speaks 

    The organization works to increase awareness, advocate for the needs of families affected by autism, and facilitate funding research on the causes, prevention, and treatment for autism. The website provides information on how to apply for grants and fellowships, participate in ongoing research, and learn about research results, as well as comprehensive resources on autism apps and technology, non-English resources, safety and tool kits.


    National Autism Association 

    As a large parent-run, nonprofit organization, NAA creates support and networking opportunities for individuals with autism and their families and covers the issues of severe and regressive autism, autism safety, abuse, and crisis prevention. Support for families on urgent issues of autism spectrum disorder are at the forefront of the organization’s work. The website features the local support group and special NAA programs, such as Autism ATRIUM, Helping Hand, Big Red Safety Box, and others.


    rethink-logo.pngRethink Autism 

    Rethink focuses on evidence-based treatment plans for educators, clinicians and parents working with children with special needs. The organization delivers webinars, curricula, and professional training based on best practices in each professional field dedicated to supporting children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and for students exhibiting problem behaviors, as well as a peer support online forum and online activity center.


    National Autism Center at May Institute

    Under the umbrella of the non-profit May Institute for the Promotion of Evidence-based Practice, operating service centers in over 160 locations across the country, the organization provides specialized services and professional expertise. The longitudinal National Standards Project provides guidance and resources for parents, caregivers, educators, and service providers.


    The Arc: Autism Now Center 

    The site provides resources for people with autism in their transition into the classroom, the workforce, and the community. The organization adheres to a thorough resource review process prior to recommending any tools or products. A local services and agencies map is a useful tool for most relevant and effective advice.


    Research Organizations 

    Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University 

    Directed by a pioneer in autism research, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, the ARC aims to understand the biomedical causes of autism, validate assessment methods, and develop effective research-based interventions. The website provides access to the most up-to-date scientific reports and clinical advice.


    aaspire-logo.pngAcademic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education

    AASPIRE conducts and shares Community Based Participatory Research resources, which bring together academic researchers and community members to develop high quality resources relevant to the needs of autistic individuals and their families. The website provides a detailed description of the projects, access to publications, and resources and news from the field.


    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Autism Spectrum Disorder

    CDC provides essential information about ASD prevalence rates, screening and diagnosis, economic costs, interventions and treatments, highlights key findings and feature articles from research studies, videos, information for specific groups, such as families, partners, healthcare providers, and links to other websites.


    National Institutes of Health – Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorders)

    NIH lists the most current data from USA prevalence rates, diagnostic criteria, risk factors, interventions, methods, and current studies. The Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet effectively delivers the most pertinent and accurate information.


    Association for Science in Autism Treatment

    ASAT publishes a quarterly newsletter and a media watch initiative that monitors portrayals of autism treatment in the media. The website also features resources for parents, educators, and medical and media professionals, a library, recent book reviews, suggested readings, research synopses, interviews, and information about the conferences.


    Autism Research Institute 

    ARI focuses primarily on funding and conducting research on biological markers and causes of autism, such as immune, gastrointestinal, metabolic, neurological, and sensory issues. The website also houses an array of applied services, such as a live person hotline for parents and professionals, webinars, expert advice, free access videos, newsletter and discussion groups.



    Speech@NYU, the online masters in speech pathology is a resource for individuals looking to become school-based SLPs and work within the Autism community.


    Blogs by Parents and Individuals

    Autism- Day by Day

    Written by a single mother running a non-profit organization helping children with special needs and raising a teenager and a child with autism.


    Empowering Autism Caregivers

    Written by a mother extensively trained as a teacher, an ABA technician, with behavior modification and PBIS experience.


    The world according to Jake. Autism, positively!

    A blog by and about Jake, his journey through autism and advocacy pursuits.


    Susan Senator: All happy families are not alike

    Written by an author, journalist and public speaker, and a mother of three sons, one of whom has autism.


    Neurowonderful: Ask an Autistic

    A youtube channel and a blog run by autism advocate Amythest Schaber.


    3 Generation Review Bloggers

    Three women from three different generations are posting their autism-related product reviews, including the following categories: special needs, pets, automotive, clothing and shoes, health and beauty, educational, etc.


    TEIS Early Intervention Blog

    The blog focuses on early child development and reviews products and interventions, as well as offers professional and therapeutic expert advice, including for children with special needs.


    Day2Day Parenting: Parenting a child with special needs

    Articles focus on expert and parenting advice for families with special needs children, including everyday life, cognitive development, language learning, socialization, etc.


    Baby Jack & Co: Educational and Sensory

    A company with a blog about sensory and perceptually minded products for children with special needs, promoting comforting and soothing toys, blankets, and other products.


    The Art of Autism

    This non-profit organization raises awareness about the artistic side of autism, publishes a blog, organizes art exhibits, film festivals, entertainment shows, poetry readings, book signings, musical events, as well as workshops and educational classes.


    AutismWeb: A Parent’s Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders

    A parent-fun informational website and blog offering resources for behavioral instruction, dietary plans and care plans for parents, including reviews for different teaching methods and materials.


    Best Practice Autism

    Written by an applied researcher, book author and certified psychologist and therapist, the blog features topics such as diagnosis, PBS, self-management, gender differences, best practice books.


    Additional Resources

    The Art of Autism 

    Comprised of autistic and non-autistic individuals, membership at The Art of Autism includes any person interested in objectives in promoting the arts and autism.

    My Therapy Company 

    This division of Pediatric Therapy Services provides home-based early intervention to children & school-based services to school districts. They partner with a variety of schools to better serve students with disabilities each year.


    CouponChief.com has created a guide titled “Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities.” It provides a detailed walkthrough of discounts and special offers for those with disabilities.

    Autism Parenting Magazine

    Focuses on objectively publishing autism-related topics, events, developments, treatments and news stories. They also cover a variety of inspiring real-life stories to help parents make informed decisions and keep them updated on the latest therapeutic and treatment options.

    If you are interested in having your website added to our list, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly! 


    Marina Ebert, M.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. candidate

    Written by Marina Ebert, M.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. candidate

    Marina Ebert is a researcher in the field of social cognition and child development. She is currently a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar at Lancaster University, UK, pursuing a study of in infants' development of the theory of mind and social communication. Marina also continues her graduate work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education concentrating in Human Development and Psychology. Marina’s most recent research positions were held at the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.