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    Schools Warned On Speech Services For Kids With Autism

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    According to The U.S. Department of Education an increasing number of kids on the autism spectrum may not be receiving services from speech-language pathologists at school, (Disability Scoop July 28, 2015) and they are reminding schools not to skimp on needed speech and language services for children with autism.
    teacher using see.touch.learn webinar with autistic boyNo one will argue that having behavior therapists and speech-language pathologists working together with students is an effective combination, and Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn. for the iPad is a tool that is used effectively by both Behavior Analysts in ABA therapy and Speech-Language Pathologists in speech therapy.
    With schools and districts facing budgetary constraints and increasing staff workloads, See.Touch.Learn.’s cross-discipline strength can provide several timely and distinct benefits:
    1. With See.Touch.Learn. there is an opportunity for significant cost savings for the school or district by leveraging a single product across departments. See.Touch.Learn. is very affordable – 4,400+ images for  than the cost of  buying a single box of flash cards.
    2. See.Touch.Learn. provides collaboration capability between the Behavior Analysts and Speech-Language Pathologists resulting in improved efficiency and more effective instruction.
    3. Since the students are familiar with See.Touch.Learn., Speech-Language Pathologists and Behavior Analysts are able to spend more time focused on instruction and less on explaining the tool.
    Let your special education director know about See.Touch.Learn.
    Send your special education director a link to this post, have them contact us at info@stageslearning.com, or ask them to download See.Touch.Learn.® Pro from iTunes by clicking here.
    Jim McClafferty

    Written by Jim McClafferty

    Jim McClafferty is the original Founder of Brain Parade. With a technology career of over 25 years and a lifetime of tinkering with new and innovative products, Jim was shocked to find out how this innovation was largely absent in special education. He founded Brain Parade with the goal of using his experience to build applications that help people with special needs. Brain Parade was created to build products that will have a profound, positive impact on the lives of these individuals, their teachers, their families and their caregivers. Before the sale of Brain Parade to Stages Learning Materials, Jim's leadership put quality digital autism education in the hands of hundreds of thousands of parents and educators.