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    Product Review: Sensory Needs Therapy and Reading Lounger, Air Pump and Repair Kit

    Topics: Product Reviews, Infant/Toddler (0-3), Elementary (4-12)


    I am a BCBA and in my clinical practice, I work with children with autism and/or sensory needs on a daily basis. The Special Supplies Inflatable Compression Boat Lounger has been a must have item for me in both my in home and in clinic therapy. Kids love the gentle squeeze the boat provides --it helps them feel safe and protected. 

    One of my clients often needs a break in the middle of our therapy sessions.  Having him jump in the canoe with a book or a tablet even just for 5 minutes, completely recharges him and allows him to be ready to focus on our lessons.  

    My own boys love using the boat for pretend play.  The other day I walked into our playroom to find my 4 and 6 year old sons both in the boat pretending to be on a voyage to an island in the middle of the sea.  I loved listening to them excitedly “row the boat” faster and through “waves” so they could get to the island.

    Best of all, I love that the boat is easy to inflate using the included pump so I don’t have to leave it inflated taking up the limited space I have in my clinic or playroom.  Just a warning - it is big, it fits an adult comfortably - so the fact that it also folds down quickly for easy storage when you want to free up space or rotate toys is key. Purchase Sensory Boat Lounger


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