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    Product Review: Zigzag Wiggle Movement Car

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    Several years ago, on a recommendation from a colleague who works with special needs children, I purchased several of these for both my own children and for the children at the clinic I work for serving special needs children. Honestly, I was skeptical that the kids would be able to figure out how to make the car go when it’s on flat ground or going up a hill.  But, kids LOVE these! Almost universally, the kids hopped on and it was almost like some innate sense that they just started wiggling propelling the car forward. 

    The cars are marketed as being able to hold up to 150 lbs and I have to say that my husband, who weighs quite a bit more than that, rode down a hill on the car with my daughter in his lap.  They both had a blast and it was definitely entertaining to watch!  The car survived (though I am not sure it will take that type of beating on a regular basis!)  It seems to be pretty sturdy though and other than the wheels wearing down, it's still in good shape after a couple of years of use.  Here is my now 10 year old riding it!



    From a therapist and parent’s standpoint, wiggle cars are both fun and functional. They work on balance, core strength and coordination all while engaged in a fun activity. This is a win-win situation and I will definitely continue to recommend these to parents and therapists to add to their motor play equipment. 

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