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    Product Review: Cossy Kids Magnetic Building Tiles

    Topics: Product Reviews, Infant/Toddler (0-3), Elementary (4-12)

    cossy-kids-magnetic-building-tilesI have had these Cossy Kids Magnetic Building Tiles tiles for years and have seen first hand that these magnetic tiles are a huge hit with kids ranging in age from toddlers to late school aged. They love the hands on activity of building and creating. As a parent, I enjoy seeing their imaginations at work and seeing them proud to show me what they are creating. These tiles are magnetic so they stick together making them easy to use even for young children beginning to work on coordination and fine motor skills. They help older kids with spatial awareness, and early engineering and physics skills as well.  Bonus - they are actually fun to clean up since you can use the magnets to help you collect them into a big stack!


    My daughter, who is 8, still loves building with the tiles and using her imagination to create a barn for her horses or an “under the sea castle” for her mermaid dolls.  Yesterday, she and her brother, who is 10, built a racetrack to race cars through with the tiles.  Even though the tiles have been a staple in their playroom for more than 7 years, they never seem to get bored of playing with them. 

    While I was originally weary of the cost, the amount they have played with them makes the cost per play negligible!  The magnetic tiles have even become a favorite of mine to give to my children’s friends and our family members for special occasions because I know they will get used and appreciated for years to come.


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