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      Hide and Seek with Blocks Lesson Plan

      Sophia Chung By Sophia Chung | 11/16/16 11:10 AM | Autism & Preschool Lesson Plans | 1 Comments

      Lesson Overview

      Play this twist on hide and seek to teach collaboration and teamwork.

      Download Lesson Plan:


      Skills Practiced

      • Communication skills

      • Shape recognition

      • Teamwork



      This game is ideally played in small groups of 2 to 4 advanced preschool/kindergarten children with either a teacher or a parent, though it can be played with just one child.


      Use the tape to mark off the hide and seek play area. Set up the plastic container in the center of the room. Choose five designs from the cards or in the app and hide all the blocks needed to build those designs in the play area.


      1. Show the children the design they are building together, Explain that there is just one problem: The blocks have gone missing!
      2. Hold up the first card, or show the first challenge on the app.
      3. Ask the children to look for each piece needed and bring it back to the plastic container.
      4. Depending on the children’s level, provide guidance for what they are searching for. For example, “Thank you for bringing the red triangle. Now we need a yellow square!” Or, ask the child to announce what he/she found.
      5. Once all the pieces are there, the children can collaboratively build the design before searching for the second design.         


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      Sophia Chung Sophia Chung is a Masters of Education candidate studying at Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing on Technology, Innovation, and Education. She is passionate about learning through tinkering, advocating for inclusive education, and storytelling with kids.

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