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      NEW Language Builder Software

      Angela Nelson, J.D., Ed.M. By Angela Nelson, J.D., Ed.M. | 8/30/14 4:45 PM | About Autism | 0 Comments

      I am happy to report that Stages Learning Materials has finally taken the leap into the 21st century!

      The Language Builder cards have become a staple in autism and speech therapy programs across the country, and even abroad. I regularly attend conferences where parents and therapists alike tell me that they use the cards every day at home or in their practice. The other thing I hear at every conference I attend ... "When will the Language Builder Cards be available in a software program I can use on the computer?" That day has finally come!

      Research has demonstrated that children with autism respond well to computer based education programs. Patricia Hutinger and Robert Rippey's research suggested that some reasons for this may be:children-on-computer-with-language-builder-llarge

      • A computer running appropriate software is consistent--more so than any parent or teacher could ever hope to be.
      • If everything is working and the software is appropriate for the particular child, the computer will deliver no unwanted surprises.
      • Software is interesting, responsive, interactive, and presented in more than one mode, appealing to varying interests and sensibilities.
      • The computer cannot harm the children. This may be the reason why they like to watch other children using it before they try it. They want to be sure that it is safe.
      • The child has complete control over the computer (if his teachers allow it). Control is something we all like, but it is especially liked by children with autistic tendencies because they seldom feel power.

       Stages products have proven effective with children with autism for 17 years. Given what we now know about children with autism and their success with computers, it seems a perfect combination to offer Stages' images in a digital format!

      In conjunction with Attainment Company, an experienced software developer in the special needs market, we have taken all of the pictures from the Language Builder Picture Nouns and Picture Nouns 2 -- that's over 500 images --and turned them into a software program that can be used independently or with guidance to help children and adults with autism build vocabulary and basic language concepts. 

      Check out all of Stages' computer software below!

      Click here to see all of Stages' Software 

      Angela Nelson, J.D., Ed.M. Angela Nelson is the creator of the widely-recognized Language Builder Picture Card Series, and the creator and lead author for the Language Builder ARIS curriculum. Angela received her BA and JD from UCLA where she studied and practiced behavior psychology under Dr. Ivar Lovaas, and her Ed.M. at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with a focus on technology innovation and education. As Founder and CEO of Stages Learning Materials, Angela has created autism, special needs and early childhood curriculum products since 1997. In addition to her duties at Stages, Angela writes for multiple industry publications and is Chair of the Education Market Association.

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