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    Improv Storytelling with Blocks Lesson Plan

    Topics: Autism & Preschool Lesson Plans, Elementary (4-12), Lesson Plans

    Improv Storytelling with Blocks Lesson Plan

    Lesson Overview

    This lesson will build storytelling skills in a hilarious, creative way.

    Download Lesson Plan:


    Skills Practiced

    • Storytelling
    • Gross motor development
    • Geometry, numerical skills
    • Communication skills



    Play with just one child or in small groups of preschool/kindergarten children


    Find a space with room to spread out the blocks.


    1. Begin by saying, “Once upon a time, there was a ______.” You can fill in a child’s favorite character or let the child choose a character.
    2. Continue the story. Say, “The main character lives in a ________! Can you build a ________ to show me where main character  lives?” Challenge the child to use the blocks to build a home for the main character. Optional: Use the picture cards provided with the blocks for ideas. You can begin with designs that use fewer blocks and ask the child to create the design, or give the child freedom to build whatever he/she would like.
    3. Continue the story by introducing a problem. Say, “But then, the main character had a problem.” Fill in a problem or let the child create a problem. Problems could include a favorite object that is missing, a secret room in the home that has a hidden door, or a lost pet.
    4. Act out the problem with the blocks.
    5. As the child builds, ask questions to encourage the child to communicate his/her idea.
    6. Finally, conclude the story with “So then, the main character ____, and he/she lived happily ever after.”
    7. If using the free app, take pictures of the final design to upload to the child’s gallery to share with others!


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    Sophia Chung

    Written by Sophia Chung

    Sophia Chung is a Masters of Education candidate studying at Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing on Technology, Innovation, and Education. She is passionate about learning through tinkering, advocating for inclusive education, and storytelling with kids.


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