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    Spelling/Reading Food Names Lesson Plan

    Topics: Autism & Preschool Lesson Plans, Elementary (4-12), Teen (13-17), Lesson Plans

    Lesson Overview

    Practice reading and spelling food names with these movement-based activities.

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    Skills Practiced


    • Spelling
    • Recognizing food names




This game can be played with children in a small group or in a larger classroom group setting.


    In advance, prepare index cards or slips of paper spelling on the name of each food on the carpet squares. Write one letter on each card/paper. Place the cards/slips of paper into an envelope, with one food name per envelope. Distribute the envelopes so that there is one envelope with its corresponding carpet square on each student desk.


    1. Warm-up: First make sure students are familiar with the name of each food. Have students go around the room, holding up their carpet square so that all students can see. The rest of the class should say the name of the food together. You can also quiz students and ask them the starting letter of each food name.

      2. Once everyone is familiar with the names, instruct students to open their envelope and carefully dump the letters out. They should unscramble the letters to spell the name correctly.
    1. Once all words are spelled correctly, have students scramble the letters before moving to the next seat (for example, everyone can shift one seat to the right).

    2. Repeat the spelling activity until students have had a chance to spell all the food names.

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    Sophia Chung

    Written by Sophia Chung

    Sophia Chung is a Masters of Education candidate studying at Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing on Technology, Innovation, and Education. She is passionate about learning through tinkering, advocating for inclusive education, and storytelling with kids.