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    Link4fun Lesson Plan: Early Literacy & Social Skills Development

    Topics: Autism & Preschool Lesson Plans, Elementary (4-12)

    Lesson Overview

    Students will use the Link4Fun book and app to develop their literacy, social skills, and vocabulary. Students will interact with the teacher or therapist using a print-based picture book with a digital device for an interactive reading experience. Each part of the lesson plan can be extended or shortened depending on the needs of the child.

    Download Lesson Plan:

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    Skills Practiced

    • Picture identification and vocabulary
    • Gross motor development
    • Conceptualization skills
    • Communication skills



    This lesson is designed for 1:1 instruction with a teacher or therapist. It can also be adapted for use with a small group of 2-4 students.


    To prepare, educators should install the Link4Fun App and connect it with the Link4Fun Book. The book should be placed on a table that is appropriate for the child’s height and seating. The child should be able to comfortably touch and view the book and iPad from his/her position.


    1. Show the student the cover of the book and ask, “What do you think this book will be about?” Have the student use details from the cover to explain his/her guess.
    2. Turn to the first page and have the student listen to the book read out loud. Ask the student to repeat the words read out loud and use his/her fingers to point to each word as he/she reads.
    3. Ask the student how he/she would respond to the words read aloud. For example, if the student hears “Hi! I am a dog,” the student might want to respond “Hi! I am (name).”
    4. Ask the student what else he/she might want to find out about the animal in the book. Indicate that the tabs on the app can be used to find out more about the animal.
    5. Ask the student to identify the topics in the tab and choose one he/she is interested in. Ask the student to phrase the choice as if he/she is asking the animal a question. For example: “What do you eat?”
    6. Ask the student the make predictions about the response to the question.
    7. Explore the interactive elements of the book with the student.
    8. Ask student child: “What did you learn? Did your original ideas change? How?”
    9. Ask the student to tell a story about the animal based on the new information he/she learned.
    10. Repeat steps 9-10 with subsequent pages and new animals.

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    Grace Chen

    Written by Grace Chen

    Grace Chen is currently pursuing an Ed.M. in Arts in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been a teaching artist, curriculum developer, and research assistant focusing on innovative evaluations in out-of-school time programs. She hopes to develop resonant and empowering art programs by partnering with youth in educational research and practice.