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    Link4fun Lesson Plan: Identify, Categorize & Communicate!

    Topics: Autism & Preschool Lesson Plans, Elementary (4-12)

    Lesson Overview

    Students will use the Link4Fun Cards to practice identifying, categorizing, and communicating with vocabulary words. Students will interact with the teacher or therapist using vocabulary cards with interactive technology. Each part of the lesson plan can be extended or shortened depending on the needs of the child.

    Download Lesson Plan:


    Skills Practiced

    • Picture identification and vocabulary
    • Gross motor development
    • Conceptualization skills
    • Communication skills



    This lesson is designed for 1:1 instruction with a teacher or therapist. It can also be adapted for use with a small group of 2-4 students.


    To prepare, educators should install the Link4Fun App and connect it with the Link4Fun Cards, making sure that the app responds to the cards. The cards should be arranged in neat piles, with the picture cards separated from the word cards. The child should be able to comfortably touch and view the cards and iPad from his/her position.


    1. Tap the “learn with cards” option on the app. Identify the card that is indicated on the app.
    2. Have the student hold the card on the correct side and practice placing it against the screen.
    3. Explain to the student that you are going to play a game together using the iPad. To start at a lower difficulty, tap the option to match pictures and only use the picture cards. When a picture appears on the screen, ask the student, “Which picture would match with the picture on the screen?” and “What is the picture showing?” Invite the child to match the image by placing it against the screen.
    4. Next, you can increase the difficulty level by asking students to match the words with the words on the screen. Ask students to read the words as they match them.
    5. Next, you can use the “hear and find pictures” or the “hear and find words” games to increase the difficulty. After the word is read out loud on the app, help the student find the picture or word. You can give the student clues like: “Apples are red” or “The word apple starts with the letter A.” You can also ask prompting questions such as “What color are apples?” or “What letter does the word start with? Try to sound it out.”
    6. Another way to increase the challenge of the activity is by using the “word to picture” or “picture to word” options. Students would have to see the picture or word on the app and match it with a corresponding picture or word card. You can provide students with prompts and clues to support them with the matching.

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    Grace Chen

    Written by Grace Chen

    Grace Chen is currently pursuing an Ed.M. in Arts in Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been a teaching artist, curriculum developer, and research assistant focusing on innovative evaluations in out-of-school time programs. She hopes to develop resonant and empowering art programs by partnering with youth in educational research and practice.