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Autism Resources and Community (ARC)

Health & Nutrition

Advice for Parents and Caregivers

7 Tips for Teaching Your Child with Autism to Cook

I can still remember when I was a child watching my mother cook. Her face always beamed with a smile so big that everyone could tell how much joy she had in preparing a great meal for my family. It seemed cooking was not only a hobby that she enjoyed, but also one of her passions. She told me she had watched my grandmother cook as a child and started learning at a young age. I know the experience is still one of her fondest childhood memories. No wonder why she is a great cook!

Updated on 2/22/17 9:46 PM

Updated by Zholl Tablante on 2/22/17 9:46 PM

Health & Nutrition

Advice for Parents and Caregivers

Autism and Physical Spaces

Best Sports for Children with Autism

5 Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in Sports

It is no secret that sports are a big part of most people’s lives. More than 100 million people in the United States alone tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year. However, being a sports fan and playing a sport are two completely different things–especially in the eyes of a parent. You probably know enrolling your child in a sport has tremendous benefits such as endurance, strength, and general fitness. But as you might have guessed, for many children with autism, finding the appropriate sport can be challenging.  

Updated on 2/8/17 8:22 PM

Updated by Zholl Tablante on 2/8/17 8:22 PM

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